DSCF3431My first instrument, a 1845 Torres guitar, was built on a work bench that I set up after dinner in our kitchen in the fall of 1969. A lute followed a year later. It was not surprising that I chose historical instruments. In university I had majored in European history. A summer of Bronze Age archaeology in England had set my course, if not established the details of my future. These early interests carried over into the first decade of my instrument building. They were characterized by an involvement with a wide range of early instruments and included working for two harpsichord makers and building a number of viola da gambas. For many years I focused on instruments of the lute family, i.e. renaissance, baroque, theorbos and archlutes. By the early 1990s the theorbo and baroque guitar had become important to my clients and I researched and built models appropriate to their needs. More recently my interest has turned to the Romantic Era guitars of Lacôte, Stauffer and Panormo. I continue to be enthusiastic and committed  to studying historical instruments in public and private collections.

All of the instruments that I have built since 2011 have been featured in one or more posts on my blog Lute and Historical Guitar Building with Michael Schreiner .
You can also visit my historical guitars website: http://schreinerhistoricalguitars.com/